The Master in Design and Editorial Projects (MDGPE) is a post-graduation program from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto that focuses on the research, development, and design of communication and editorial artifacts.

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IJUP 2024

In the last three days, the University of Porto has organized and hosted the U.Porto Youth Research Meeting – IJUP, at the amazing facilities of the FEP university: The U.Porto Young Research Meeting – IJUP, is an annual event, which takes place at the beginning of the second semester, and where U.Porto students have the… Continue reading IJUP 2024

MDGPE Infomation session, May 8, PS01 FBAUP

Second year information session (2024-25)

In the past Wednesday, the Scientific Committee (SC) board of the MDGPE master’s program organized and hosted the “regular” information session for students transitioning from the first year to the second year. In this session, ~30 students and 8 professors attended (either in-person or in a Zoom call). The professors (SC board included) presented their… Continue reading Second year information session (2024-25)

Sónia da Rocha presenting Caude Mediavilla's life and work

Mediavilla, by Sónia da Rocha

Last Monday, the 27th of November 2023, we had Prof. Sónia da Rocha at FBAUP, visiting from the ESAD.Har. She had been in Portugal for a few institutional visits and, of course, to attend the fantastic Typography Meeting at the University Lusófona in Lisbon the previous weekend. We had had the opportunity to catch up… Continue reading Mediavilla, by Sónia da Rocha