The Master in Design and Editorial Projects (MDGPE) is a post-graduation program from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. It focuses on the research, development, and design of communication and editorial artifacts.

Within the program, students are introduced to, or can further specialize in specific areas such as art direction, advanced book typography, typeface design, and illustration. They are expected to apply these specific skill sets into a final print or digital media research project.

The program is supported by highly specialized professionals and dedicated staff members who lecture a wide range of courses in a syllabus that allow students to specialize in current and future areas of professional activity and academic research.

The MDGPE program was founded more than 12 years ago. Through its ranks, more than 300 students have already graduated. Together with their teachers and dissertation supervisors, they have produced works of excellence worth noting.

Some have pursued careers in editorial and graphic design, type design, illustration, and branding. Others have continued their studies onto Ph.D. programs

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