Master Presentations

Final presentation of Irene Peixoto's research project on Typography for Posters. November 2020

The Master’s research Thesis, Project, or Internship presentations usually take place during late July, or from early October until the middle of December.

Here we list the upcoming (and past) presentations calendar. Please note that confirmation of the official dates is mandatory in the academic system event news portal.

The 2021 first “regular” period for the final presentations has started. This year, we have six students presenting their final projects and dissertations online and in in-person sessions at FBAUP. Make sure to drop by for updates on the dates and places/links.

In the 2020 school year —a year marked by the impact of the COVID19 pandemic— 35 students concluded their projects. Make sure to check out their dissertations on the open repository online.

In the 2019 school the student’s thesis, projects and internships covered a wide range of topics, from manga, illustration and picture books, all the way to new aesthetics in graphic design and different media such as hybrid and independent publications.