Master Presentations

Final presentation of Irene Peixoto's research project on Typography for Posters. November 2020

The Master’s research Thesis, Project or Internship presentations usually take place in late July, or from early October until the middle of December.

Here we list the upcoming (and past) presentations calendar. Please note that confirmation of the official dates is mandatory in the academic system event news portal.

The year 2022 was the “comeback” year from multiple COVID lockdowns into “normality”. During this year, a batch of 17 final presentations is in the works. Although no student presented during the first regular term, all 17 presentations will be made during the extension period. And, to date, all are being planned to be presented in an “in-person” mode. This year we have 2 Dissertations, 13 Project reports, 2 Internship reports, with topics that range from physical letterpress founding and fine papers to Risograph printing; from Portuguese graphical packaging to Brazilian arts and crafts heritage; from the role of women in photography, packaging and in modern culture movements; and, as —this master could not be without— with topics addressing the (meta) materiality, legibility and orthotypography of reading materials and books.

2021 has produced a batch of 18 final presentations. Six students have finished and presented their projects on the first “regular” period, in an online and in-person mode session at FBAUP. Twelve others have finished and are presenting their work mainly in an in-person mode. Projects cover an amazing range of topics, from illustration to graphic novels, from book to cross-media magazine production, from analog printing to augmented reality, from academic to independent publishing, from infographics to type design. Despite the difficulties and the psychological wear the second COVID year has brought to the students we are incredibly proud that more than half of the enrolled students were resilient and able to produce and present such amazing work. Make sure to drop by regularly for updates on the dates and information on the presentations, or for a list of the dissertations on the open repository online.

In the 2020 school year —a year marked by the impact of the COVID19 pandemic— an astonishing 35 students concluded their projects. Make sure to check out their dissertations on the open repository online.

In the 2019 school year, the student’s thesis, projects, and internships covered a wide range of topics, from manga, illustration, and picture books, all the way to new aesthetics in graphic design and different media such as hybrid and independent publications.

We are currently working on retrieving and organizing the listings of previous years [to the creation of this website] and will soon be able to post the full list of students who have graduated as well as the links to their dissertations and reports

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