Abel Martins' final typedesign book specimen. Developed for the final Master Project, in 2020

Figurat: a contemporary high-contrast sans-serif typeface. Master Project by Abel Martins in 2020.

This project aims to research and analyze existing strategies and methodologies in constructing a new typeface. Following Martin Andersch’s calligraphic design methodologies, as well as the typographic design strategies of José Scaglione and Laura Meseguer, as starting points, studies were prepared for the design of a new typeface. The results indicate that the process directly influences the typeface formally and, therefore, the qualities of both the shape and the skeleton can be compromised. The final project results in constructing a typographic family including weights that vary between light and bold, with the respective italics. The formal qualities promote applications in varied digital and analog environments, with better performance in large formats.

Project winner of the Gerard Unger Merit Scholarship, awarded by digital foundry Type Together.