The Emotional Dimension in Typographic Poster Composition

Irene Peixoto's final editorial artifact collecting all the poster variations. Project Report, 2020

“A Dimensão Emocional na Composição do Cartaz Tipográfico” (The Emotional Dimension in Typographic Poster Composition) from Irene Beatriz Meireis Peixoto, a Master Project research developed in 2020. This project deals with topics such as human emotions, design and typographic composition. The human mind, according to the work developed by Professor António Damásio (2011), diverges from… Continue reading The Emotional Dimension in Typographic Poster Composition


Abel Martins' final typedesign book specimen. Developed for the final Master Project, in 2020

Figurat: a contemporary high-contrast sans-serif typeface. Master Project by Abel Martins in 2020. This project aims to research and analyze existing strategies and methodologies in constructing a new typeface. Following Martin Andersch’s calligraphic design methodologies, as well as the typographic design strategies of José Scaglione and Laura Meseguer, as starting points, studies were prepared for… Continue reading Figurat

Industria Neue Typeface

Industria Neue digital typeface revival developed by Inês Venâncio, Raquel Clemente, Sara Guerra under the supervision of Professor Pedro Amado, within the Typeface Design course, in the academic year 2021-22. Industria Neue appears as an updated version of the “Industria” font designed by Hermann Zehnpfundt and launched by Emil Gursch’s Foundry in 1910. There are… Continue reading Industria Neue Typeface

Promotion Poster

Promotional poster by Catarina Santos Costa Ferreira for the course Advanced Studies in Editorial Design and Typography, 2022.

Promotional poster for the MDGPE, printed on paper, bilingual (Portuguese and English), developed by Catarina Santos Costa Ferreira for the course Advanced Studies in Editorial Design and Typography, under Professor António Modesto in November 2022. The objective was to solve a graphic and editorial design problem, emphasizing typographic composition expressively, appealing to its compelling yet… Continue reading Promotion Poster

Design Network

Information visualization poster, developed by Maria Campos Lourenço, Catarina Monteiro and Lia Sá, for the Infographics course in 2021.

Information visualization poster work developed in the 2021-22 course of Graphic Design and Infographics, in partnership with the Design Observatory, by Maria Campos Lourenço, Catarina Monteiro and Lia Sá, and under the supervision of Professor Marta Fernandes. In developing this project, it was possible to translate a large amount of data into rigorous and significantly… Continue reading Design Network

Diogo Rocha

(…) the curricular plan of the first year of the master is well-thought-out as an introduction or re-introduction to graphic design and publishing (…) Project and Research Methodologies was fundamental in preparing for the dissertation/project in the second year, especially since in my academic career I had never approached this area in such depth.(…)I believe… Continue reading Diogo Rocha

Margarida Calçada

This master’s degree challenged me to think about graphic design through new perspectives, from the creation of conceptual narratives and storytelling to the exploration of graphic production techniques. It was also possible to deepen my personal skills, knowledge and experience in several areas of graphic design such as illustration, typography and infographics. On a more… Continue reading Margarida Calçada

Adobe InCopy 2023 Splash Screen

We are incredibly proud of our (currently finishing) students in the MDGPE master’s program. After being their work — the Diamond Grotesk typeface specimen developed in the Type Design course — being “spotted” by the Adobe Behance “scouts”, they were invited to design the current InCopy Splash Screen. It has finally debuted and is out… Continue reading Adobe InCopy 2023 Splash Screen

Nicolò Tromben

Overall, I have extremely positive memories of my undergraduate journey at FBAUP. In general, my expectations were met, (…) [and] I was deeply marked by the typography and illustration courses, which, despite being presented by the program as secondary, are probably the courses that most influence my work today. On the contrary, in my opinion, not… Continue reading Nicolò Tromben

Mariana Vieira

I didn’t have any studies in the Arts, but I managed to get into the master thanks to my portfolio and a short internship. The professors were extremely patient and willing to explain foundational concepts — the knowledge of typography and editorial design was very important for my development as an artist — to bring… Continue reading Mariana Vieira