Second year information session (2024-25)

MDGPE Infomation session, May 8, PS01 FBAUP
MDGPE Infomation session, May 8, PS01 FBAUP

In the past Wednesday, the Scientific Committee (SC) board of the MDGPE master’s program organized and hosted the “regular” information session for students transitioning from the first year to the second year.

Provisional visualization of the final months of the first year and second year of the master’s program for 2024-25 (detail from the slides)

In this session, ~30 students and 8 professors attended (either in-person or in a Zoom call). The professors (SC board included) presented their research topics, projects, and research & development opportunities. As usual, these include topics ranging from traditional printing and graphic arts to interactive digital applications, including branding, editorial and communication design projects, and internship opportunities. Many applied in socially impacting areas such as Cultural and Social Sciences, Architecture and Urbanism, Gender Studies, Health & Wellbeing.

Students must study these topics and start identifying (sorting by order of relevance) the desired supervisor(s) according to their research & development topic and modality, either Dissertation, Project, or Internship. Each one has its own characteristics (as explained).

Consult the shared slide deck with all the details from the professors and topics of interest.

However, one of the major issues to be aware of is the updates the faculty has imposed on the yearly schedule. It has been determined that there is only one mandatory submission deadline — the “normal” submission date in early July. Students must prepare their research work, schedule, and contingency plans to be able to submit their work promptly. Otherwise, access to the special “extension” of the submission deadline now depends on having two official letters of endorsement (from the supervisor and course director) for the director to authorize the later submission.

Make sure to consult your institutional email regularly and check the academic calendar.

As a final note, we will soon have a couple of presentations. So, every student should start preparing to their own process by attending these public presentations and seeing what is expected from them. See all scheduled presentations here:

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