The Emotional Dimension in Typographic Poster Composition

Irene Peixoto's final editorial artifact collecting all the poster variations. Project Report, 2020

“A Dimensão Emocional na Composição do Cartaz Tipográfico” (The Emotional Dimension in Typographic Poster Composition) from Irene Beatriz Meireis Peixoto, a Master Project research developed in 2020. This project deals with topics such as human emotions, design and typographic composition. The human mind, according to the work developed by Professor António Damásio (2011), diverges from… Continue reading The Emotional Dimension in Typographic Poster Composition


Abel Martins' final typedesign book specimen. Developed for the final Master Project, in 2020

Figurat: a contemporary high-contrast sans-serif typeface. Master Project by Abel Martins in 2020. This project aims to research and analyze existing strategies and methodologies in constructing a new typeface. Following Martin Andersch’s calligraphic design methodologies, as well as the typographic design strategies of José Scaglione and Laura Meseguer, as starting points, studies were prepared for… Continue reading Figurat