Abel Martins' final typedesign book specimen. Developed for the final Master Project, in 2020

Figurat: a contemporary high-contrast sans-serif typeface. Master Project by Abel Martins in 2020. This project aims to research and analyze existing strategies and methodologies in constructing a new typeface. Following Martin Andersch’s calligraphic design methodologies, as well as the typographic design strategies of José Scaglione and Laura Meseguer, as starting points, studies were prepared for… Continue reading Figurat

Industria Neue Typeface

Industria Neue digital typeface revival developed by Inês Venâncio, Raquel Clemente, Sara Guerra under the supervision of Professor Pedro Amado, within the Typeface Design course, in the academic year 2021-22. Industria Neue appears as an updated version of the “Industria” font designed by Hermann Zehnpfundt and launched by Emil Gursch’s Foundry in 1910. There are… Continue reading Industria Neue Typeface