Diogo Rocha

(…) the curricular plan of the first year of the master is well-thought-out as an introduction or re-introduction to graphic design and publishing (…) Project and Research Methodologies was fundamental in preparing for the dissertation/project in the second year, especially since in my academic career I had never approached this area in such depth.
I believe that the MDGPE helped me to develop the ability to be self-critical, to evaluate a given project without depending on constant feedback from other colleagues and/or faculty members, and to be confident in the decisions made throughout a project, in short, I believe that the master’s degree gave me the tools and skills to be more autonomous.

Diogo Rocha has been working as a freelance branding designer and illustrator, and he is currently starting a professional internship program at a Communication Agency in Porto.

Text composition experiments from Diogo’s project

He completed his master’s in 2019-20 with a final project entitled “O Brinquedo Tradicional em Alfena, Uma História Ilustrada