Strengths and Weaknesses: what to expect from the MDGPE

Maria Guimarães video interview for the AAUav NED

What to expect, and how to describe some of the currently available Master Programs in Design? This has been a project tackled by the Design student academic “core” from the University of Aveiro association. They have interviewed several enrolled students, or alumni from different programs to give their own unfiltered opinions.

It was a nice surprise to see and hear from our own Maria Guimarães — currently enrolled in a second-year internship and finishing her dissertation report—, to speak so openly and kindly about the master program’s strengths and weaknesses.

As highlighted by Maria, the student’s perspective (in this sampling of one), somehow matches our own — our strength relies on the dedicated and specialized staff members. And we are continuously addressing our weaknesses such as the installations and exploring opportunities such as promoting extra workshops on adjacent fields of studies

You can watch the full video, as well as other interviews from other masters on the NED Facebook page.