Gerard Unger Merit Award

Figgurat by Abel Martins

Veronika Burian and José Scaglione have been supporting the research and development of new typefaces, especially the ones made by students, in the Gerard Unger Scholarship. A prize and mentorship program offered by the Type Together foundry.

We are very pleased to announce the 6th edition of TypeTogether’s Gerard Unger Scholarship, open to any current or graduated student who has developed a typeface in a type design course within the past two years (2018–2020).

Abel Martins, our alumni, was one of the winners of a merit award with his Figgurat typeface developed during the Master’s second year of studies.

Submissions from all over the world. 2 from Portugal and Abel was one of the eight merit awards

This year we received almost 100 submissions from all over the world — from fourty-five schools and showcasing eighteen different scripts. The TypeTogether team has selected the main scholarship winner and awarded merits to eight other outstanding typeface projects: Bacon by Adriana De La Torre Cervantes, Exposure by Federico Parra Barrios, Figurat by Abel Martins, Leonore by Helene Krieger, Quinta by Carina M. Huynh, Rapida by Michelangelo Nigra, Diafone by Renan Rosatti, and Tiga by Sirin Gunkloy.

Although he didn’t win the scholarship, it makes us very proud to know that he was one of the eight attributed merit awards out of one-hundred outstanding typeface projects to be highlighted.

You can see his typeface and read his master dissertation on the university online repository.

Abel José Lameiras Martins
A INFLUÊNCIA DO TRAÇADO CALIGRÁFICO NO DESIGN DE TIPOS DE LETRA: Desenvolvimento da Figurat, um tipo de letra contemporâneo não-serifado com contraste