Promotional Brochure

Promotional Brochure, designed by João Aveiro, for the Advanced Studies in Editorial Design and Typography course during 2022, under Prof. António Modesto

Students were asked to choose and analyze a work by a designer. This designer, in his work, should not comply with the invisibility rules of Beatrice Warde’s article, crystal goblet. After analyzing the work of the chosen designer, we were asked to develop a communication piece for the Master in Graphic Design and Editorial Projects.

For this purpose, I chose the work of the Portuguese designer Isabel Lucena. (…) And to use colored paper, a not very explicit typographic hierarchy, extensive use of various styles and typographic families, the overlapping of images in the text making it difficult to read, and the lack of editing rules for running text, among others.

Therefore, I developed a communication piece in booklet format. When opened, it works as a poster, and when closed, it works as a brochure. For this project, several papers of different colors and printing methods were used, such as screen printing and digital printing.

The formal aspects of this book go through the same aspects of Isabel Lucena’s work, namely, the image-text overlap, an out-of-switch typographic hierarchy, and the use of various typographic families.

Excerpt from João Aveiro’s project synopsis