Editorial design and book-binding workshop with Dário Cannatà

Detail from the page imposition scheme explanation during the 2021 Workshop

During the last week of October, the graphic designer Dário Cannnatà conducted an editorial design and book-binding workshop with the two first-year classes of the MDGPE. Dário has been a regular guest and instructor of the course and it is always with great joy and expectation that we host his workshop.

During this workshop, the students are inducted into the book production practice. The program is organized into two parts:

Final imposition example and software induction by Dário.

Part one:

Pagination of a simple editorial object: a 128 page A5 notebook agenda. Topics addressed cover the notebook format, editorial styles, and page imposition, using InDesign as the software to later produce a two-copies print-run

Part two:

Binding. Based on the existing prints, the two notebooks (agendas/diaries) are bound with different methods. Starting with the sewing of the core, the binding of a soft cover with flaps, and hardcover with guards and lining.

As it has become usual during these workshops, Dário promotes a final critical discussion moment. Students are invited to analyze and critique some of the notebooks, in order to understand the potential of the various processes and variables in the production of an editorial project.

This year was no exception. A batch of excellent works has been produced and we will be expecting great book dummies and print prototypes throughout the year!

(Photos by Prof. Eduardo Aires)