Irene Peixoto

Enrolling in the MDGPE was due to my interest in typography and graphic design. The courses seemed appropriate to me and, if the master’s degree can be a small step in scientific research, this course would be the right one to respond to my interests. 

On a social level, studying at FBAUP is having the freedom to explore what you really want and be who you are without judgment. And, during the final research, the systematic support of my supervisor allowed my project to grow even more.

In retrospect, this master’s gave me the opportunity to think about graphic design in a broader and more critical way. 

Detalhe de desenhos de cartazes para a experiência e publicação final

Irene Peixoto, currently a designer at Studio-Rana, working primarily with web design projects, completed her master’s program in 2019-20 with a final project entitled “A Dimensão Emocional na Composição do Cartaz Tipográfico.”